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Mean Oscillations and Equimeasurable Rearrangem...
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Various applications of equimeasurable function rearrangements to the 'best constant'-type problems are considered in this volume. Several classical theorems are presented along with some very recent results. In particular, the text includes a product-space extension of the Rising Sun lemma, a product-space version of the John-Nirenberg inequality for bounded mean oscillation (BMO) functions with sharp exponent, a refinement of the Gurov-Reshetnyak lemma, sharp embedding theorems for Muckenhoupt, Gurov-Reshetnyak, reverse Hölder, and Gehring classes, etc. This volume is interesting for graduate students and mathematicians involved with these topics. TOC:Preface.- 1.Preliminaries and auxilliary results.- 2. Properties of oscillations and the definition of the BMO-class.- 3.Estimates of rearrangements and the John-Nirenberg theorem.- 4.The BMO-estimates of the Hardy-type transforms.- 5.The Gurov-Reshetnyak class of functions.- Appendix: A.The boundedness of the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator from BMO into BLO.- B.The weighted analogs of the Riesz lemma and the Gurov-Reshetnyak theorem.- C.Classes of functions satisfying the reverse Hölder inequality.- References.- Index.

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