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Interpolation Spaces and Allied Topics in Analysis
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The theory of interpolation spaces ¿ its origin, prospects for the future.- An interpolation theorem for modular spaces.- Some aspects of the minimal, M¿biusinvariant space of analytic functions on the unit disc.- A non-linear complex interpolation result.- A remark about Calder¿n's upper s method of interpolation.- The coincidence of real and complex interpolation methods for couples of weighted Banach lattices.- The K functional for (H1, BMO).- A relation between two interpolation methods.- Harmonic interpolation.- Higher order commutators of singular integral operators.- On interpolation between H1 and H?.- Interpolation theory and duality.- The K-functional for symmetric spaces.- Applications of interpolation with a function parameter to Lorentz, Sobolev and besov spaces.- On the smoothness of fourier transforms.- Rearrangements of BMO functions and interpolation.- Descriptions of some interpolation spaces in off-diagonal cases.- N.B. - Some of these problems were prepared already for the 1982 conference.

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