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#1 NATIONAL BESTSELLER Finalist for the National Business Book Award 'An interesting read.' — Warren Buffet “The definitive volume on the life and career of two-time Railway Age Railroader of the Year Ewing Hunter Harrison III.” Railway Age “Green plays to his strengths in Railroader:.... Green also excels at narrating the deals that shaped Harrison’s career.... Green’s immersion in the world of high finance and familiarity with the view from the C-suite really shines through. And more than three hundred hours of interviews with Harrison, his family, and close associates paint a detailed, intimate portrait of the man himself.” — Freight Waves “Thorough, readable, and expansive biography.... This is ultimately a business book, but reveals much about Harrison the person.” — TownVibe Ridgefield “New and engaging biography.... What Green delivers in Railroader is insight into Hunter the man, and his paradox.... Howard Green has written a Jim-dandy of a book.” — Railway Age “Green’s book offers new insights into the development of Harrison's business model.... It also reveals a CEO that although a demanding workaholic was also passionate about developing talent around him.... Green’s book is a frank account of his career. It doesn’t shy away from hot topics, like Harrison’s poor health when he began at CSX, and it digs deeper into stories that have been ‘Hunterized.’.... It also shares revelations from the deals that never were.” — Jacksonville Business Journal “Well-researched.... Green paints a picture of a colorful and complex self-made man.... Green unearths a few previously untold stories of corporate intrigue.... Green adds rich insider details to Harrison’s public exploits.... Harrison critics and fans alike will find Railroader to be an engaging, insightful look at the man who could be funny and furious, charming and tough, but always interesting.” — Trains “Filled with telling details.... Incisive and well-balanced biography.” — Journal of Commerce “Hunter Harrison was a colorful man with a zest for life and a passion for railroading. He was certainly the greatest modern manager of these massive networks of commerce that undergird industrial society. Railroader is the story of an interesting life and the intricacies of complex managerial challenges, woven into an enjoyable and highly informative book.” — Frederick W. Smith, chairman and CEO, FedEx Corporation “ Railroader presents both a fascinating business story with global resonance and a very personal tale of a life fully lived in a ‘no-holds barred’ fashion to the very end. It is a brilliant profile of an enigmatic, somewhat obsessed, railroad mercenary, who turned his industry on its head, with new benchmarks for future generations of leaders. Lots of juicy learnings throughout.” — Calin Rovinescu, president & CEO, Air Canada “Precision railroading was his vision and unbending will his advantage. In this tightly written account of Hunter Harrison’s fifty years of extraordinary achievement, Howard Green has captured the essence of the man. A valuable history and, as well, a great read.” — Bill Downe, former president & CEO, BMO Financial Group “A great read. Railroader offers a balanced view of Hunter Harrison’s complex personality. Hunter Harrison, like Steve Jobs, is proof that a strong, knowledgeable leader with a vision can make a huge difference.” — Jim Keohane, president & CEO, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan “A riveting, up-close profile of one of the most successful and controversial CEOs of the modern era. Railroader is a master class in sharp-elbowed management in a fabled industry. Part hard ass, part mentor, part preacher, Hunter Harrison goes from one railroad to

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